Facts for stationary addicts

It is no shame as we have all been there when collecting new and latest Korean stationery used to be the only way to spend pocket money. It is a safe space, you can admit that you have been – still are and will be a forever stationery addict. It is the kind of addiction which no one knows how to recover from and not everyone can relate to it.

There is a very specific category of stationery addicts who you will see. They are one of the most organized people in your class and on this earth. They will take note of every little detail and colour code every alphabet. Their notebooks are a colourful pop of rainbow when read. They are the ones who have several different journals which they fill every single day and at the end of the year have a beautiful customized yearbook that would set everyone on fire and mesmerized by the creativity.

Post it notes is their number one best friend forever. You will see hundreds of post it notes all over their house and things. Ranging from fridge notes to bathroom mirror reminders, they are surrounded by yellow, pink, blue and purple chits. It is the most important part of their daily routine and it is no joke that writing post it notes is their peace therapy.

Every addict will have a box full of their most treasured stationery bought from stationery store Dubai which they may never use. It is the sight of colourful erasers and fancy notes which they love and when they have to use one of those things it is like slicing heart in two. Some addicts get over using their favourite stationery while some never recover from the trauma.

You are most likely to find them at the arts and crafts store Dubai because that is their go to shopping store. They will spend all their money in craft supplies and come up with the most thoughtful and delicate card of all time. Whether it’s a birthday card or thank you letter, leave it up to the stationery addicts to double the fun.

One thing which we learn from them is that there is no limit to creativity and there is so much that a blank sheet of paper is capable of doing.