5 Mishaps Why Applicants Failed To Get Schengen Visas

The Schengen visa is considered as one of the most powerful visas in the world. This visa would allow you to gain entry to 25 Schengen states, which is practically every country in Europe. But this kind of visa is hard to attain. In fact, a number of people failed to get their applications approve.

But a top visa and UK apostille service say that there are ways to increase your chances of getting your Schengen visa application approved and it starts with avoid these pitfalls:

  1. Submitting unreliable documents

One of the main reasons why most Schengen visa applicants fail to get approval is because of incomplete and unreliable documents. Upon submission of requirements for visa application, the embassy goes through a thorough process of checking whether an applicant is qualified to apply. If they see that your documents are insufficient and not notarized, there is big chance that your visa will not pass the processing stage. So be sure to complete the papers required and notarized the documents needed to be authenticated.

  1. Not stating your purpose clearly

If by chance your application get pass the processing stage, the next hurdle that you need to pass is immigration interview. Maybe this is considered the hardest part of the process as the immigration officer would quiz you about your trip and your application. If they think that your purpose is a bit shady, that will be the end of your application. Be sure to state your purpose clearly and give specific details if necessary. Do not even try to lying as they would notice if you are.

  1. Failure to demonstrate your proof of funds

Application for Schengen visa requires applicants to show that they can finance their stay in a Schengen state for the duration of their travel. Showing proof of funds, especially for those who are applying for tourist visas, would indicate that they will not stay in a Schengen state to look for employment while they are using a tourist visa.

  1. Insufficient travel insurance

Travel insurance is an important document for a Schengen visa application. But you don’t just get any travel insurance you are offered. You need to ensure that your travel insurance would cover hospital treatment and repatriation. Be sure you get the right kind of insurance based on your type of application. It should cover all medical expenses should something unfortunate happened to you on your trip.

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