5 Construction Phases That Every Client Should Know

Constructing a structure does not happen overnight. In fact, it will take years of effort and execution before a project is completed and it has to go through different phases and stages before it reached completion.


As a client, it is your responsibility to know these phases so you will know what roles you will play in each stage are. Here are the stages that you should know:


  1. Planning Phase


The planning stage lays the foundation of the project. This phase is crucial since a client would be able to determine if the project or building construction is feasible based on the initial details he/she provided. These details would be included in the feasibility study, along with other important details such as the technical specs and legal concerns. The initial and estimate cost of the project will also be included for reference.


  1. Design Phase


Once the client decides to proceed with the project, he/she would hire someone to do the full design of the building and the space. The bidding as to whom who will handle the project starts. When selecting a construction management firm, it would be best to get a team that can provide you an all-inclusive unlimited construction package that would provide you with a complete service – from conceptualization to quality control. Doing this by piece meal process would invite logistical and communication problem.


  1. Pre-construction Phase


If the client is satisfied with the design, then the whole team can now proceed with the pre-construction phase. This stage includes finalizing the details of the project before the team will proceed with the actual construction – from the overall costs of the project to deciding the number of individuals that would be working on the project. By this time, the final draft of the contract should be signed and notarized. The consultants will now brief the suppliers and contractors on what to do and what are their roles in the project.


  1. Construction Phase


This is where the actual work began. As a client, you still need to check the progress of the project from time to time to see the consultants are still following the timeline set and if there are problems that the team encountered during the construction phase. This would give you the chance to evaluate the project in its entirety.


  1. Closing out Phase


This is when the final touches is being implemented. This would mean that the project is nearing completion. After the completion, the whole team should do a post-project analysis to list down the things that work and didn’t work during the construction phase.


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